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[postlink][/postlink] [starttext] Injured workers can receive workers' compensation for a variety of injuries. Just because you have been injured at work in Illinois, does not mean that you received workers' compensation. Here are some examples of violations of laws by the Illinois workers' compensation are covered.

Repetitive Trauma
Workers can provide benefits for injuries at work resulting from repetitive movements when these movements for the completion of the work in question is necessary. One of the most common types of repetitive trauma using the carpal tunnel syndrome, which results in the rule is set computer. In addition, repetitive can beat a heavy tool in the hands of time in repetitive trauma of their weapons. Also stood for a long time, repeated trauma can make the legs, to the extent of performance required to meet a job task.

Traumatic physical injury
An employee may receive benefits for a traumatic injury when administered during a particular operation occurs related activities. For example, if a worker falls from a ladder and breaks a leg, that workers can receive benefits because the injury occurred while working on a specific incident. Similarly, an employee may obtain compensation for workers hyperextension of his arm, while filling up a shelf at work. Work-related traumatic injuries are the most common claim in Illinois workers compensation law.

Occupational diseases
When workers are diagnosed with diseases resulting from exposure to elements in the work they do not normally show outside of work, they can recover workers' compensation. For example, a miner for pulmonary disease caused by inhaling coal dust at work continue.

Psychological harm
Workers receive benefits for mental injuries as a result of employment. There are two types of mental suffering, those who, because of emotional stress and those due to physical injuries. An example of a psychological injury that results is one of injury if the worker was hit over the head of a device, and suffers from memory loss. An example of a psychological injury resulting from emotional stress is when an employee suffers amputation of a single witness at work and insomnia as a result of attending the event.

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