Excavator Caught Fire

[postlink]http://industrialaccidentsvideos.blogspot.com/2011/05/excavator-caught-fire.html[/postlink]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWbw9C8B8lQendofvid [starttext] Excavator Caught Fire - drew a spark from a stump in the engine room fire, I closed it, put fire extinguishers on board on fire, and it was unnecessarily (false fire type EXT.), I called the fire department, he heard sirens , go on the road and thought it sounded going.I have a life or death, and believed that the next truck would quick.12 minutes later I called 911 and said they understood the wrong place, returned to hall.They were sent again and came near min 20. after the original call.Its hard to say if it had been saved, the first burn was so tie.They fast.I placed five or six excavators were caught fire and quickly and causes no harm, but this was equipped to be our remaining four excavators compement much.We full gear with a real fire. [endtext]
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